If Van Yard is considered the nerve center of the INRD, Hiawatha and the sections of the line north and south of the yard can truly be considered the heart of the INRD. This middle section of the INRD Chicago Subdivision is host to the highest traffic density on the entire line, and most of all the railcars on the INRD eventually find their way thru Hiawatha yard. It is here that a good percentage of the coal that travels on the INRD is originated at one of the Mine loadouts or one of the other coal loaders.

After the line leaves the environs of Terre Haute near Mud Road, a popular holdout for trains needing to head thru Terre Haute or to the CSXT, you encounter two of the major passing tracks along the line. Martin siding uses part of the old Riley lead and part new laid line to form a major storage siding adjacent to Spring Hill. You also have Keller siding to the south which is 5100 feet.

Just south of Keller is the CTC control point of Blackhawk. A wye once used to access a major mine loadout. While both mainline switches are in the CTC interlocking, the inside switch is curiously not interlocked, and is a hand throw switch. The loadout itself has a balloon track and a flood loader that loads coal into hoppers as the train is pulled under the loader. Currently this is pretty much idle, though as all the signals atest, it was once very busy

Again just to the south of Blackhawk is Lewis Dock, a big siding used to load coal hoppers one by one with a simple conveyor loader. When the loadout is not in use dispatchers can and do use the siding to stage trains or meet trains.

From Jasonville to Linton the INRD has installed signals for GCOR Rule 10 operations. Interlockings are at both ends of Hiawatha Yard, The Midland Sub junctions, and Linton.

Just south of the town of Jasonville, you will find Hiawatha yard, which is itís new name. The CP/SOO/MILW name was Latta yard, supposedly named such due to the farmer which owned the land the yard lays on before the railroad. Hiawatha is the main classification yard for the INRD. It is here that cars are blocked for travel Louisville, Indianapolis, Palestine, Terre Haute, Chicago, Bedford, or ISRR interchange. The yard is also the site of the primary engine servicing facility for the road. Everything except for traction motor and wheel work is done here. The facility itself is an old brick structure dating from the early MILW days, the shed for the shop is a former MILW baggage car. Near the shop is a full wye which connects to a branch currently used to store cars, The wye itself is often used to turn locomotives. On the south end of the yard is the connection to the INRD Midland sub, the primary way used to access the INRD Indianapolis Sub.

The shops and yards are all scheduled for some upgrading in the near future, see the pictures below.

Between Linton and Hiawatha yard you will find Hoosier Siding, a short 2100 foot siding used for very little any longer

Linton is well covered in the Indianapolis Sub guide, and can be accessed here.

Beehunter is one of the two Chicago Sub junctions with the ISRR, in this case the ISRR Spencer subdivision, and the Hawthorne mine lead. The diamond has been removed and replaced with two wyes which have CTC switches and a small pocket used by the ISRR to park their engines on. ISRR trains often meet INRD trains here to interchange cuts of cars for various destinations.

Between Beehunter and Elnora you will find the White River Bridge. While not spectacular in structure it is never the less full in character with its wood trestle approaches and center steel span. Itís accessible but crossing the river via rubber tired bridge requires a sizeable detour. You can find more then INRD trains on the bridge as ISRR also has trackage rights between Beehunter and Elnora.

Elnora is the second ISRR junction, this time with the Petersburg Subdivision, and the site of another former diamond. Now just a single CTC switch. ISRR and INRD trains veer off towards Maysville or Petersburg, and INRD trains head south towards Crane.

Lewis Dock

Distant signal at Lewis Dock

Jasonville IN (Hiawatha Yard)

CTC switch on North end of yard

Tom showing a map of the upgrades and road to be closed

New Buildings to be Constructed at Hiawatha Yard

Hiawatha Yard enginehouse and environs

Hiawatha Yard Engine House Diagram

Hiawatha Yard Diagram

Chicago Sub to Midland sub north junction, CTC, looking south

Chicago Sub to Midland sub north junction, CTC, looking north

Linton IN

MP 209.9 Intermediate signal

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Beehunter IN

ISRR power in the pocket

Beehunter looking south

Wonderfull downtown Beehunter

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