Coal Fields and Interchanges

This section of the former IC line is known primarily for two things, interchanges and coal fields. After coming out of the high woodlands near Bloomfield the line crosses the White River at Elliston the line immediately changes character, The woods give way to a flat rolling plain, part of the white river valley, Before changing into highly disturbed coal lands, with short scrub trees and countless old slag piles. Finally arriving at the Wabash river valley another plain is found.

Moving back to Elliston, this is a small town on the shores of the West Fork of the White River. The line passes over the town on a steel bridge approach. You will note one section of this approach that once was made to bridge over something, but is now long gone. This was once a famous triple crossing, a diamond once sat under the bridge where the former Monon crossed the New York Central. Both lines are long gone however but the bridge remains.

Next is the once important Switz City interchange and service facilities, While the interchange still occurs here, The service and dispatch facilties have all been moved to Hiawatha and Van yards. As an interchange spot it is still very important, and the southeast wye was rebuilt and lengthened to ease interchange. The servicing and office facilities are largely a ghost town however.

Moving onto Linton, we have another interchange, with the Chicago sub. This is another junction that has fallen in importance. It once was the primary interchange point between the Chicago Sub and the ex IC line, before the interchange at Dugger was rebuilt. It remains important however in that it retains the small yard on the Chicago sub and a small wye in the southwest corner of the automatic diamond. A siding and house track can be found on the IC line as well. Ocasionaly if the Midland sub is blocked, trains will back the wye and switch subdivisions here instead of using the Midland Sub.

Glen Interlocking may be the most important interchange on the line. This is just east of town of Dugger. It was built in two stages to connect to the rebuilt Midland Sub. The first stage was constructing a wye to connect to the portion of the Midland Sub north of the Indianapolis Sub. This was at first simple hand thrown switches, INRD would dispatch a switchtender to throw the switches. Later some radio controled switches were installed. When the Midland Sub was extended south, another wye was installed to the south to connect to the extended line to Bear Run. All the radio switches were removed and a full blown CTC interlocking was installed.

Linton and Sulivan INRD has GCOR Rule 10 (CTC) in effect, with a Controled siding at CP 104 to CP 106 and Interlockings at Linton, Glen, and Sulivan. This allows trains to simply move on signal indication

Sulivan is next, a junction that has risen in much importance. The entire junction was re done and re signaled. Both wyes are used often for coal and manifest moves between the two roads. To the west of the junction is a house track, often used to tie up work trains and such.

The last big interchange, or more correctly stated, a customer. Is the lead to the Hoosier Energy generator at Merom. This also has the last radio controlled switch on the main line and many trains use the switch to access the plant.

The last place in our study of this area is Riverton, the last town in the line in Indiana. It is the site of an unusual bridge. In that it was designed as a swing bridge at a time that boat traffic was envisioned for the Wabash River. The boat traffic never developed and the bridge is permanently shut, with strips of ribbon rail over the bridge.

Elliston IN

Station and famous ex triple crossing

Another view

Switz City IN

Wye and gated diamond at Switz City

Linton IN

Former Automatic Interlocking. Looking north

Former INRD Automatic Interlocking. Looking south with CP SD40-2 taking the signal

Former Linton Yards

CTC signals now at Diamond at Linton

CTC signal and power switch at Linton

Victoria IN

Intermediate signal at Victoria IN

Dugger (GLEN) IN

Diagram, INRD Glen Interlocking, Indianapolis Sub junction with Midland Sub.

East Wye to the Midland Sub headed south, looking west on the Indianapolis Sub.

SB Signal on the Indianapolis Sub.

NB Midland Sub Distant Signal

old radio operated switch Midland sub, Looking south

old radio operated switch, Inside

old radio operated switch, Close up

Ameren train, headed north on the Midland Sub

CTC Instalation Between Glen and Sulivan

*NEW* CTC Map, Sulivan to Glen (Dugger) *NEW*

Antenna and Sign at CP106, at west end of new siding

Another view at CP106

Yet another view at CP106

Grading for new siding, Temporary distant signal for CP106 as well

New interlocking signals at unfinished interlocking at East End of new siding

New signals on GLEN interlocking distant, Sitting atop the location of old Cass Siding

Sulivan IN

CSXT SE Connection Switch

CSXT Diamond, Looking west

Looking east at Sulivan connection radio switch

Sulivan radio switch, Close up

Sulivan house track

Riverton IN

Wabash River Bridge, looking west.

Ameren train crossing Wabash River Bridge

A big thanks to Aaron Hamm for the Dugger switch machine photos!

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