Unofficial Indiana Railroad Page
Indiana Railroad Train List

Manifest Trains
Train SymbolJob Description
HWSAHiawatha to Senate Avenue
SAHWSenate Avenue to Hiawatha
Hiawatha to Crane turn
HWTHTHiawatha to Van Yard turn
HWPATHiawatha to Palestine turn

Unit trains
Train "Name"Job Description
"Ameren/CIPs"Runs Powder River Basin coal from CSXT at Sulivan or Terre Haute to Lis IL and returns empties
"The XL"Runs coal loads from Farmersburg to Fayette generator, and returns the empties to Farmersburg
"Road Job"Runs coal loads from Farmersburg to IP&L Harding Street generator and returns empties, Will sometimes load at Triad
"Merom Dumper"Runs coal loads to Merom Generator from the ISRR and returnsd empties to the ISRR, Will sometimes load at Triad
"Eagle Valley"Delivers coal loads from Farmersburg to the ISRR for Eagle Valley at Martinsville IN, Returns empties
"Vermillion Grove"Runs coal to ISRR at Elnora to for Alcoa and returns empties to Vermillion Grove IL, Some runs to I&PL Harding Street
"Rock Train"Runs scrubber stone (linestone) from Rogers Quarry to Merom Dumper, Returns empties
"Gasification Coke"Delivers coke to Fayette IL from CSX/CP connection for gasification, Returns empties
"Richmond"Runs coal from INRD to Indianapolis, and then over CSXT to Cottage Grove. INER delivers to Richmond IN

Local Symbol or "Name"Job Description
SAT Remote 1First trick SAT remote
SAT Remote 2Second trick SAT remote
Van Switcher 1First trick Van yard switcher
Van Switcher 2Second trick Van yard switcher
Hiawatha Switcher 1First trick Hiawatha switcher
Hiawatha Switcher 2Second trick Hiawatha switcher
UTILITYHawethorne turn, general dogcatch, works State Street yard
Avon TurnRun to CSXT Avon Yard and returns.
GE switcherBloomington Remote
TRIADSwitches Triad coal loadout just west of Switz City
ROB-1/PAROTFirst trick Palestine, Robinson and Newton switcher
ROB-2/PANETSecond trick Palestine, Robinson and Newton switcher
PALS RemoteWorks Palestine yard and Robinson Marathon plant with remote switcher
BakerInterchanges to CSXT at Baker Yard

Extra trains are frequently called, but trains are often combined, as well as excursion extras and work trains
IP&L is known from frequent spot orders of coal from other sources, and west end is known for grain extras.

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