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INRD has and has had a number of small to large size branches on the line. The oldest of which is now totally gone, the old Bloomington Southern, which began at a wye just west of the siding in town. The line headed south thru town, past a couple wood yards thru the old RCA plant and the line paralleled the old Monon heading southwest to access several quarries. The Southern most reaches of the line were long derelict even when the INRD took possession, and were soon removed. The next part of the Bloomington Southern to go was the northern part, north of RCA. The city turned it into a new street. INRD simply used the Monon to access the lines in the area. Lastly, INRD let the rest go when CSXT abandoned all of the Monon south of the INRD. Today there are no tracks left south of the INRD main thru town, despite the once extensive trackage.

Another Bloomington area branch is the ex Monon itself, called the Ellettsville Sub or Spur. Run by CSXT as an “island operation” for some time, using INRD for everything from haulage rights to even renting an ex CSXT locomotive they sold to the INRD to run their operations. CSXT eventually threw in the towel and sold the remaining section north of the INRD main to the INRD, However north of the switch to GE refrigerator the line sat dormant. Enterprising INRD wanting to access nearby Rogers quarry so they removed the line north of the part needed to access the quarry and used the materials to build a new spur, the source for much INRD traffic now.

A short lived branch purchased with the expansion from Sulivan IN to Newton IL was the so called “Browns Line”, A former IC property that once stretched from Evansville IN to Peoria IL. By the time INRD purchased it, as incentive to get the IC to sell the Newton to Sulivan IN section of the Indianapolis Sub, it was even more run down and dilapidated then the Indianapolis Sub was. INRD soon sold the line to the Indiana High Rail conglomerate. Good thing, A major bridge collapse bankrupted the Indiana High Rail ands sent it into a tailspin it never got out of. However INRD got much needed capital from the sale and INRD did keep the small yard on the Browns Line for its use in Newton.

The westernmost part of the INRD is the Ameren spur, build just south of the IC owned section to circumvent the IC to gain access to the large Ameren/CIPs generator just west of the INRD.

The Chicago Subdivision purchase brought with it several branches and spurs. The first of which is the Latta Branch, which begins at a wye behind the engine house. It was used by the CP to access a couple mine loadouts. Now inactive, the INRD shoves cars down the line to store until they are needed.

Another largely inactive mine branch is the Hawthorne lead. This is actually an ISRR property however but gained the trackage rights used by the CP over it and dispatching of the line. In reality the ISRR shows no interest in the line and INRD assumes the de-facto operation of the line CP had. The large mine however at the end shut down in the late 90s and the spur is used to stage ISRR trains. There is business on the line as a car rebuilder uses the mine property to work on cars.

Terre Haute has a mess of INRD owned ex CP/SOO spurs. The Hulman Street lead being the largest. This is the original main thru town, now used to access several industries. Around Van yard there is a veritable maze of tracks used to get into industries as well.

A newly acquired branch is the former CSXT Riley Spur. This is a segment of former NYC line that was used to access AMAX’s Chinook Mine. Dormant now except for the small portion used by the INRD used to access CSX’s baker siding it will soon be used for future growth.

Lastly the ex Monon north of the INRD connection in Bedford has been recently turned over to the INRD. INRD hopes to access several customers in the area CSX virtually abandoned in their retrenchment.

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